Batangas - The Heritage Houses of Taal

My fascination on heritage houses started when I visited Silay City in Negros Occidental last December 2010. From then on, I begun to love seeing heritage houses which makes me curious to know the story behind every house.

Taal has the ancestral houses of prominent TaaleΓ±os who took key roles in our struggle for Independence from the Spaniards. Two important houses are the Marcela Agoncillo (which we missed) and the Leon Apacible Ancestral Houses.

Leon Apacible Ancestral House

National Historical Institute Marker

Other well-preserved heritage houses around town include the mansions of prominent TaaleΓ±os such as:

Don Gregorio Agoncillo Ancestral House

Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio Ancestral House

Goco Ancestral House

Ylagan-Dela Rosa Ancestral House

Indeed, old heritage houses are the main attraction in Taal, with many of it still being used as residences until today.

It is a living museum town, just like what I saw in Vigan and in Silay. An important memento of what is worth preserving from the past.

This trip to Taal Batangas happened last January 17-18, 2011. Here is a series of posts on our trip to one of the most well-preserved Spanish colonial town in our country. Discover the places we've been to, the people we met, the food we tasted and the experience we gained as we unravel the magnificence of this old town.


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  1. Bro, may mapa ba tourism office jan for a walking tour of taal heritage houses?

  2. this i believe is one of the underrated place in luzon. when we went there two years ago, i was impressed. since you've already been to silay, vigan and taal next to see is boac in marinduque. they also have some ancestral house and a nice church.

  3. pansin ko nga nahilig ka na sa herotage houses. hehe Punta ka din ng Pila. :)

  4. What I like in this place is there sense of preserving heritage houses. They renovated the house but retain the old architecture. Feel ko ang Batangas since I am a half Batangueno. Nice post dre. Hilig mo pala heritage sites. Cebu Madami rin, sa South.

  5. Naalala ko bigla ang town namin sa vacation ko babalik ako dyan

  6. @Christain - meron cguro... pero di ako sure eh, di na kasi kami dumaan ng tourism office.. nag ikot nalang kami basta...hehehe!!!

  7. @Dong ho - yeah, nakita ko nga sa site mo yung sa Boac, I'm planning to go there this holy week... thanks po...

  8. @pinaysolobackpaker - oo nga eh, cge check ko yan... thanks po!

    @Axl - tamaa!!! hahaha!!! thanks!

  9. @Con Tour Blog - yes! the Taalenos are keen in preserving their heritage... I heard meron nga din sa Southern Cebu, thanks po... =D

  10. Mr. Adventurista, you should have entered the houses. You would be amazed. I was just wondering why there are no interior shots of the houses. Best interior shots could be had at the Gliceria Villavicencio Mansion and Gift House and the Felipe Agoncillo (White) House. And you could've climbed the Church tower too while you were at it. =)

  11. @upsio - unfortunately, we were not able to enter to any of the houses as we already ran out of time... Maybe next time po... Thanks a lot... =D

  12. nice one..... the house on the 9th photo is Villa Tortuga.... that is where we stayed last week... im writing a post about it.... sana nga makapasok ka next time you'll be amzed talaga.... i've included pics of the interiors of the house on my post.... =)

  13. @IamDP - sa Casa Punzalan sa may poblacion kami nag stay... maybe next time i'll check out Villa Tortuga... I check out your posts... thanks po... =D

  14. Hi,check out Malabon. There are also heritage houses there. Ateneo made a book on heritages houses in the Philippines and they overlooked Malabon. They were questioning themselves how come they have overlooked this area since Malabon is also rich in history and culture. They have missed it probably because Malabon had become known for its year-round flood. You can check the website mymalabon.com. Almost all the old houses are featured there. Maybe you can pass by the Villongco house, house of my grandparents, and see it before my relatives plan to have it demolished to give way to commercial development. Also check out the food there.

  15. @Anonymous - wow! i didn't know about that... thanks for the tip... will check that out soon! :)


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