Zambales - Nagsasa Cove, A Paradise Beyond Expectations...

Earlier this month, I was able to experience one of the well-kept secrets of Zambales... Nagsasa Cove!

Have you heard about Nagsasa Cove? Not yet? Well, let me tell you...

Just about 4 hours away from Manila, Nagsasa Cove is fast becoming a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts. An idyllic haven born out of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the early 1990's. When volcanic materials landed here, it formed this one of a kind cove. Just 20 minutes further down from the more popular Anawangin Cove, a secluded beach front view provides a perfect spot for beach bums and campers like me!

It offers a wide beach of fine grayish sand with pine trees standing tall in the beach area, a panoramic background of sprawling hills and mountains, a lake that reflects the amazing landscape and a small waterfall in the mountain side just a few meters from the beach.

The beauty of this unspoiled paradise is that it doesn't get too crowded most of the time. You’ll see no one but your group and a few campers. Allowing you to relax, enjoy and appreciate its ecological bounty.

I love its untouched and unexploited natural settings. Its soothing tranquility and grandeur is a perfect place for me to spend a weekend to relax, unwind and commune with myself and with nature. It's a haven for someone like me who loves the great outdoors. A wonderful escape from urban life - to enjoy exquisite and pristine silence of nature away from the metropolis. Without a doubt, Nagsasa Cove is a paradise beyond your expectations, a truly soothing escape from sun up to sun down.

I'm hoping that after reading this post, you'll have the same enthusiasm that I had - to travel more, to explore and (re)discover uniqueness of places, varied delicacies, diversity of people and the abundance of culture of the Philippines and beyond.

We only have one lifetime to spend, let's not waste it. Enjoy the gifts we have! Come on! Let's travel and discover new places, conquer greater heights and gain new experiences. They are just waiting for us!


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  1. naks...sumali ka rin pala dyan sa sulit... gnda nga dyan sa Nagsasa tol...sana mapuntahan ko na

  2. @moks-yeah... thanks po... nagsasa is really awesome, you must visit it at least one in your lifetime...

  3. pre, its really a not well kept secret as many people already go there :)

  4. nxt kung balik sa Zambales, Nagsasa naman and I'll make sure we'll camp na! :)

  5. hi!
    yesss!I agree with you.Nagsasa cove is a paradise beyond our expectations.napakagandang place.Sana,wag abusuhin ang place bagkus alagaan pa ng husto.

  6. nagsasa na nagsasa na talaga ako. before summer ends. bat kasi namiss namin yan nung nag capones kami dati.hehehe

  7. i miss nagsasa! it's really one of the best places to go to in Luzon! Nice!

  8. san ba mas maganda, Anawangin or Nagsasa? we're going to Clark this feb pero not sure pa where to go. :D

  9. @Ed-if I were to choose, mas ok sa akin ang Nagsasa kc hindi cya crowded... =D

  10. madalas ko marinig sa mga kaopismates ko tong Nagsasa Cove.. maganda nga daw jan.. Anawangin palang napupuntahan ko.. sana makapunta din me jan..

  11. actually there are 4 coves the most famous one is the annawangen.

    agnaem bay (the first pocket to be seen en route to annawangen)

    annawangen cove
    nagsasa cove
    talisayin cove
    silanguin cove

  12. can u tell me how to get here coming from Cubao? Thanks


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