BEACH RESORTS IN GUIMARAS: Raymen and Rico Beach Resorts

Looking for a decent accommodation in Guimaras is easy, as many resorts offer very competitive rates. The original plan was to stay in Guisi, but a friend of mine suggested that we stay in Sitio Alubihod as many resorts there offer very good accommodation. We checked on Raymen Beach Resort and at first look, it's okay with us. It's a bit crowdy because it's a weekend, but it's okay.

Since we're travelling on a budget, we took a fan room that suits our budget plan - 600 pesos for an overnight stay. Good deal! Anyway, we won't be staying too long inside the room as we want to explore the beauty of the island. We just need a place to sleep and to keep our things safe.

Raymen Beach Resort is one of the more popular resorts in Guimaras. It can be reached via a 45 minute jeepney / tricycle ride from Jordan Port. It is featured with a stretch of white sand beach and clear waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing - a haven for beach bums like us.

The resort staffs are warm and accommodating. We arrived at 11:00 AM and was able to get a room even if we don't have any reservation. We didn't have any problem on food because they have their own canteen that serves variety of delicious meals. In the evening last order is until 7:00 PM and the canteen is open up to 9:00 PM only. In case you still want to buy something after closing time, there's a small store located near the open cottages. You may also opt to go out of the resort and dine in the carinderia outside.

Mobile phone signal is very weak (especially Globe), you may go near the beach if you want to send an SMS or make a call. The beach is clean, they have a safety net placed over the water. Lifeguard is also visible to assist the guests. I highly recommend this resort especially for those who are on tight budget like us.

The resort also arranges Island hopping activities for 400 pesos for the first hour plus 150 pesos for every succeeding hour. I will make a separate post on the island hopping that we did on our 2nd day in Guimaras. - Read Blog Entry Here

Fan rooms are from 600 to 2,000 pesos, while an air conditioned room starts at 1,200 up to 1,600 pesos, depending on the number of persons it can accommodate.

Raymen Beach Resort is located at Sitio Alubihod, Nueva Valencia Guimaras.

If you want a not so crowded place, go to the resort next to it, Rico Beach Resort, but don't expect the same accommodation as Raymen. We just took some pictures in this resort. Note that 10 pesos entrance fee is being collected by the caretaker upon entering the resort. Rico Beach is also located along the Alubihod shoreline, just a few steps from Raymen.

Happened last November 20-22, 2010, Ilo-ilo - Guimaras Adventure is a series of blog posts of my 3-day experience in these 2 lovely provinces in the Visayas. Discover the places we've been to, the people we met, the food we tasted and the experience we gained in this memorable adventure.

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  1. kuya mervz salamat po! Ganun po gagawim ko tulad ng sabi mo po. Kuya cool talaga ng blog mo.. Sarap naman sumama sa adventure mo po! Kuya isama mo naman ako one day.. Hehe nice picture po! God bless..


  2. @Halojin-wahahaha!!! thanks po... invite us! cguro maganda if we have a meet and greet ng mga bloggers... at the same time, travel na din tayo... hehehe...!!!

  3. naks! malapit lang guimaras sa lugar namin sa iloilo pero twice pa lang ako nakakapunta. hehehe.

  4. @Bino-ako nga once pa lang, given a chance, babalik ako... I fell in love with the beaches of Guimaras..

  5. hindi ba scary sa guimaras? yung tita ko may kakilalang mangkukulam, taga-Guimaras daw. Ewan kung ginugoodtime nya ako hehehe

  6. @glentot- hindi po... sobrang warm ng mga tao sa Guimaras... ang babait po nila.. we never had any bad experience there...

  7. whahaha kayo ulit... sige mang0inggit kayo sa sakin.. di nagyaya hehe.. just kidding :D

  8. nice.
    I really wanted to be like you someday. Sa aspeto ng travel ng travel. Ang cool kasi.

  9. @Renz-bakit someday pa, bakit di pa ngayon? umpisahan mo sa mga kalapit na probinsya kung saan ka nakatira, then unti-unti kang lumayo... di mo na mamamalayan na malayo at iba't ibang lugar na ang nararating mo... happy trip! =D

  10. @empi-wahahaha!!! next time, ako naman invite mo.. heheh!!!

  11. hahaha oo nga kuya mervz mas maraming kasama sa adventure mas masaya d b? God bless po kuya mervz and more powers

  12. we stayed in raymen resort before and we didn't like it. the second time i went there we stayed at villa igang's and it was better. :)

  13. @Halojin-tamaa!!! salamat din po!

    @fetus-next time i visit guimaras, i'll try naman villa igang... thanks po...


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