VIRAL VIDEO: A Group of Foreign Tourists Performed in Banaue Public Market. You Wouldn't Believe Why They Did It!

The Brasspackers in Banaue Ifugao Philippines

Yesterday, while we were awaiting for our bus trip to Manila, I was surprised to see a group of foreign tourists visiting Banaue performing in front of Banaue Public Market. Locals and other tourists who were in the area gathered in front of them to watch as they perform several songs with their musical instruments. I was like, who are they? Honestly, I don't know them, but their performance was really awesome that they made the crowd really very happy. I said, "Ang saya dito sa Banaue!" It's really more fun in the Philippines!

Here's a short video of their performance:

Who Are The Brasspackers?

Later on, I found out that the group's name is The Brasspackers. They are composed of 11 student musicians from the engineering school "Ecole Centrale Paris in France. They are now traveling around the Philippines and performing as well. Not only that, The Brasspackers is a Non-Government Organization that aims to help children and teenagers who cannot easily have access to education through their music! Wow! That's really amazing!

You can learn more about their cause by visiting their website at www.brasspackers.org.

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