Join Arcobaleno Trailoutours' "31 trips in 5 Days" in Marinduque on March 27 – 31, 2013!

Got any plans this Holy Week? Join Arcobaleno Trailoutours' "31 trips in 5 Days" in Marinduque on March 27 – 31, 2013! Experience the famous Moriones Festival and enjoy the beauty of the island's food, beaches, mountains, caves, islands, churches and many more. This one epic trip will surely be an adventure of a lifetime! Don't miss it!


REGISTRATION FEE is PHP 7,850, inclusive of the following:

  • Private Transportation (Back and fort Manila – Marinduque)
  • Ferry( Back and Fort Manila)
  • Chartered Monster Jeep
  • Chartered Boat (Island Hopping)
  • DENR Registrations, Barangay Permits
  • Food (Good for 5 Days – Adventure )
  • Arcobaleno Guides
  • Local Guides
  • Arcobaleno’s Surprise
  • Marinduque Museum Entrance Fee
  • Arcobaleno’s Raffle Entry
  • Arcobaleno’s Token of Appreciation
  • Museum Fees
  • Butterfly Garden Entrance Fee
  • Buenavista Hot Spring Resort Fee
  • Accommodation: Gasan Beach Resort.
  • Mt. Malindig Denr Fees
  • Poctoi: Entrance Beach Fee
  • Event Coordinators
  • Waterfalls Entrance Fees
  • Certificate of Conquest
  • Arcobaleno Ziplock: Arcobaleno I.D and Trail Food
  • Beach Fees
  • Basic Mountaineering Course
  • First Aid Kit
  • Photos Souvenir (C.D ) – After the event
  • Arcobaleno Baller I.D
  • 1 Event Shirt

For the complete details, visit: http://arcobalenotrailoutours.com/5-day-adventure/marinduque-adventure-31-trips-in-5-days

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