Road Trips and Adventures, Spending Happy Times Together

As they say, Filipino families are one of the closest with each other. It is really important that you spend quality time with your family and have some time to bond with the people that matters to you most. We, as a family, see to it that we find time to spend with each other on road trips and adventures on a weekend with my brothers, cousins and relatives. This way, we get to talk, learn more things about ourselves and have better relationships.

We love to eat, shop, take photos and find adventures! Wherever we go, we see to it that we capture each precious moments and daring experiences that we have. Each weekend is indeed "So happy together"!

Want to also spend a "happy together" time with your family, friends or special someone? Send them a video invite via this Facebook app. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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SunnyToast said...

I agree! And we should inves family bonding...our family will always be there whenever we need them:)

Doi said...

Was here several times myself! :)

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