Pinoy Holidays : Non-working Holiday on November 29, 2010

Good News Adventuristas! Malacañang declared November 29, 2010 as a non-working holiday in celebration of the martyrdom of one of our national heroes, Andres Bonifacio.

You can now plan for a long weekend vacation. Yahoo!!!

So, where would Pinoy Adventurista's next destination?

Palace declares Nov. 29 as a regular holiday
November 11, 2010, 2:20pm

MANILA, Philippines (PNA) — Malacañang Palace on Thursday declared November 29 a non-working holiday in celebration of Bonifacio Day.

The date falls on a Monday. Bonifacio Day is on the 30th but under Proclamation 1841 which was issued in July 2009, the celebration of the movable holidays will be moved to the nearest Monday.

Earlier, President Benigo Simeon Aquino III declared Nov. 16 as a regular non-working holiday in celebration of the Muslim feast, Eid'l Adha.

Source: Manila Bulletin


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glentot said...

Dapat somewhere na may historical value ang next mong lakad hehehe

=supergulaman= said...

huwaw! bakasyon na... ahahaha...ay leave na pala ako nyan...ay home-based pla ako... ahahaha..bakasyon forever... ahahaha.. :)

eMPi said...

Tama si glentot...hehe!

Long weekend... enjoY! :D

Axl said...

oo sige ikaw na magaling pagdating dian hehe :D

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@Glentot- naku, sayang naman ang long weekend..gusto ko sana mag beach... hehehe... =D

@SG-buti ka pa, home based work u... heheh!!!

@Empi-Tamaa!!! sarap talaga ng long weekends... more time to travel...

@Axl-Naman! thanks po... =D

Happy trip to everyone!!!

Axl said...

hehehe... galing naman ng header paiba-iba.. paturo naman :D
hehhe :D

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@Axl-wahahaha!!! nice noh? e2 yung link...


Axl said...

whaha nosebleed... email mo na lang sa akin... nagcomment ako sa 1st shoot ko :D

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@axl-yun yung tutorial ng code... cge remind me to email you... thanks!!!

Renz said...

field trip namin sa 29 at for sure dahil pagod eh wala din kaming pasok sa 30. Super loooong weekend :]
Enjoy po kayo sa mga holidays ;]

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@Renz-wow! that's nice... ingats...

pusang kalye said...

amp---para sa mainstream lang to---di covered ang mga mortal na katulad ko. huuhuhu

Bino said...

at dahil dyan! Baguio mode na to!!! hehehe.

may article ako regarding starbucks. pakibisita po ha. thanks :D

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@Pusang Kalye- home-based ka kc eh...? hahaha!!!

@Bino-wow! matagal na ko di nakakapunta ng Baguio ah... hehehe... =D

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