Spontaneous Trips made Easy with Hotel Quickly App

Hotel Quickly App

Most of the time, I travel on predefined and well-researched itinerary. But when I feel like I wanna go somewhere or sometimes wherever my feet will bring me (I've done it many times), there would be "spur-of-the-moment trips" that I have to do - whatever it takes. On these trips, I have no hotel reservations or defined itinerary, I just go with the flow. Risky? Well, that itself is an adventure, and I love it!

Hotel Quickly App

Good thing I discovered Hotel Quickly. A last-minute hotel booking app available on Android and iOS devices. With this app, hotel bookings are made easy in key cities in the Philippines and Asia Pacific. Hotel Quickly will only show you the 9 most attractive deals per location, which saves you time from filtering the best deals as the app already did that for you.

Hotel Quickly App

In the Philippines, it is currently available in Baguio, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Lipa City (Batangas), Mactan (Cebu), Manila, Puerto Princesa, Quezon City and Tagaytay. Only 3 to 5 star hotels are shown and you can book any time from 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM the following day.

Hotel Quickly App

Earlier this week, I had an unplanned trip to Lipa City in Batangas for a much needed "staycation". With a 100 USD credits given to me by Hotel Quickly, I booked a hotel for my spontaneous trip to the city.

It's so easy to book directly from your mobile phone. Here's how simple it is:

1. Tap "HOTELS" on the menu and it will show the location of the hotels available. Tap on your desired city.

Hotel Quickly App

2. By choosing your desired city through the app and your device's GPS, it determines the best nine hotel deals in your immediate area. For this booking, I chose Lipa City and booked with Hotel La Corona de Lipa.

Hotel Quickly App

3. By tapping on the upper right portion of the app, you may select whether you're booking for tonight or for tomorrow and the number of nights you're booking. Tap "OK" and then tap "BOOK A ROOM"

Hotel Quickly App

4. Using the 100 USD credits that was given to me, I paid the room for 2 nights.

Hotel Quickly App

5. Then I entered my mobile number where they sent the confirmation of my hotel booking. It is important that you provide a mobile number so they could easily contact you.

Hotel Quickly App

6. If you don't have booking credits or if your credits are not enough, you may opt to pay via Paypal or Credit Card by entering your Paypal account or credit card details.

Hotel Quickly App

7. It will then inform you if the offer is still valid, so you can book it now. Just tap "BOOK NOW".

Hotel Quickly App

8. After paying with my Paypal account, my booking was confirmed!

Hotel Quickly App

9. You may then confirm your booking by tapping MENU and then tap BOOKING. It will show you your booking and payment details.

Hotel Quickly App

As easy as that!

The app is available to download for FREE in the App Store, Google Play, or Blackberry App World. Please remember that this is not an app to use for booking a hotel for your travel next week or next month, rather, Hotel Quickly is ideal for unplanned trips, or in situations when your plans have fallen apart or when you decide to deviate from your planned itinerary and all you want is a good night's sleep! I've tried it and it's really very useful for last minute booking.


Enjoy $15 off your first HotelQuickly booking! Just download the HotelQuickly app (www.hotelquickly.com/app) on your iOS or Android device and REDEEM the promo code below:


1. Download the app and register
2. Tap the MAIN MENU and tap CREDITS
3. TAP REDEEM and enter the code MMARA and tap REDEEM
4. Enjoy your $15 credits

Hotel Quickly App

Overall, I am highly satisfied with the Hotel Quickly app. It offers great hotel deals on hotel rooms, it's easy to use, not complicated, safe and very efficient. I will surely use this again on my next spontaneous trip. Perhaps, abroad? Hmmmmmm...? Let's see! :)

NOTE: This is a sponsored post.


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