Pinoy Adventurista's Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs for 2013

It took me a while before I finally came up with my "Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs for 2013". Listing of top travel blogs is really subjective. It is based on personal preference and taste. With my list, I based my choices on 3 simple criteria: it has to be (1) useful, (2) informative and (3) easy to read. There are more awesome Philippine Travel Blogs out there that I also follow, but for now this is on top of my list.

Here's my "Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs for 2013". In no particular order:

It was hard to just choose 15 with so many Pinoy Travel Blogs that I follow, I wish could choose 30, or perhaps 50?

Adventuristas, please do check them out!


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mike said...

where is my blog?? JK :) i follow/read 4-5 on the list.

Dong Ho said...

salamat ng marami Mervs sa pagsama sa blog ko.

Lakbay Diva said...

oo nga sobrang hirap mamili! dapat more than 15 sana! hahaha

Tsada Speaks said...

Thanks for making the list. I'll be checking those na hindi ko pa napuntahan na blog.

Kelvin Coronel said...

Pinay Travel Junkie would be best, My opinion :))

phillippines traveler said...

I'll be reading this top 15 blogs thanks for making this list. Its gonna be an new adventure.

Anonymous said...

Salamat sa blog

Oh My Janey said...

Well, you're definitely on my Top 15! :) Thank you for this list, though. I now have more reasons to stay up late at night just blog hopping. ;)

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