Pinoy Holidays : Four-day Long Weekend Holiday from October 29 to November 1, 2011

There will be a 4-day long weekend holiday throughout Philippines from October 29 to November 1, 2011. Yesterday, Malacañang Palace issued Proclamation 265 declaring October 31 as a special (non-working) holiday. As stated, the proclamation is "to give full opportunity to our people to properly observe the day with all its religious fervor which invariably requires them to travel to and from different regions of the country. Monday, 31 October 2011, may be declared as a special (non-working) day without detriment to public interest".

This is another opportunity for us to travel and explore our country, but let us not forget to visit our departed loved ones.

Thanks to President Noynoy Aquino!

To download a copy of the said proclamation, click here.


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LaiMarie | PinayTravelista said...

Looking forward to a long weekend....^^

Simurgh said...

Unfortunately, I work even on holidays..
So I just have to console myself of the double pay
which I think sometimes is not worth it

empi said...

yay! long weekend. ayos!

Bonzenti [Con Tour] said...

mahabang bakasyon, mahabang biyahe na naman.:-).

markpogi said...

Same here. Long weekend din kami sa opisina. Hehe XD

Anonymous said...

long weekend to the max. nice to spend time with my family.. to my ollan and reese. yahoo!

Anonymous said...

pano yung may pasok ng saturday (oct. 29). holiday ba yun or not?

Anonymous said...

bk8 namn hindi sinali yung nov 2 .. traditionally yan yung araw ng ,mahal natin.. yn yung araw mismo nila at tayung ma pnoy yan yung araw na pagpuntaa natin/ dalaw sa ga nahl natin,,,,,
panu ayung may paasok sa sabado....dapay ksi sali na yan si traditional na ntin na bumisita sa mismong araw ng mga patay

Anonymous said...

pa'no 'yong private sector saturday may pasok... is it holiday?

Pinoy Adventurista said...

yung may pasok ng sabado, unfortunately, 3-day long weekend lang kayo...

Anonymous said...

yung october 29, 2011 na sabado yung may mga pasok, holiday rin ba ang october 29, 2011?

Footprints Outdoor Group said...

sir, if its not too much, can you please kindly help us out on whats the perfect and accurate budgeting system for sumbrero island (over night)thanks in advance.. more power.. -footprints outdoor group

Footprints Outdoor Group said...

sir if its not too much can you please help us out on figuring out the budgeting system for sumbrero island (over night)ty.. more power.. - Footprints Outdoor Group

Anonymous said...

anong okasyon sa ika 29 ng oktubre?

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