Pinoy Na Pinoy : The New Generation Philippine Banknotes

A new set of Philippine peso bills were released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It still has the same famous Filipinos, except for the 500 peso bill that added President Cory alongside with his husband Ninoy.

What I like most about these new bank notes are the pictures at the back. It now features Philippines' iconic natural wonders and popular tourist attractions such as:

-Banaue Rice Terraces alongside the Palm Civet (20 pesos)
-Taal Lake and the Giant trevally fish (50 pesos)
-Mayon Volcano in Albay and the whale shark (100 pesos)
-Chocolate Hills in Bohol and the Philippine tarsier (200 pesos)
-Subterranean Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and the Blue-naped Parrot (500 pesos)
-Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and the South Sea pearl (1000 pesos)

Current banknotes will remain legal tender for at least three years.

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Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

ganda ng new money no "D

NoBenta said...

ganda! astig. gusto ko na mahawakan.

empi said...

cute ng pera natin.

Jayson said...

Hi Mervz, medyo nakukulayan ako masyado sa bagong design, parang play money...pero looking forward parin. I like that Cory and Ninoy are both in 500 bill...Kinda sweet..hehe...

HaLoJiN said...

Kuya mervz pag ako nag karoon ng bagong pera na ganyan.. hindi ko gagastusin itatabi ko Good luck charm! kung baga pinaka unang bagong pera! ^^,

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

@Axl- thanks!

@NoBenta - ako din, sana makakita nako nyan...

@Empi - hahaha!!! tamaa!!!

@Jayson-salamat sa pag comment... haba ng comment mo ah... ok lang sa kin ang color nya... cool nga eh!

@Halojin-hahaha!!! ang itago mo yung current bills natin, magiging collector's items yan pagdating ng araw...

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