Trip Ko 'To : Turista na ba ako? V2.0

I've updated my lakbayan map with my latest trips to Batangas, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon. I still have a Lakbayan grade of C-! Still a long way to go... Hehehe!!!

I'll be having more trips in the coming months. I have a scheduled trip to Caramoan sometime in September with my DLSU-D friends, a trip to San Juan La Union to give surfing a try sometime in the "ber months" and more mountaineering/climbing adventures. Kita kits na lang... =D

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pusang kalye said...

meaning, we still have a lot of things to explore in the Philippines----more thing to look forward to. and the more we travel , the more we realize how beautiful this country is....the Philippines is tourism jungle...lotsa places still waiting to be explored.

NoBenta said...

grabe, sa dami ng napuntahan mo eh nasa C- ka pa rin?! paano na kaya ako na hanggang luzon lang ang nararating?! \m/

goyo said...

haha.onga noh.e ako kaya? baka Z?! Haha.tama si pusang kalye. bago talaga tayo magbalak pumasyal sa ibang bansa, dapat mapasyalan muna ang magagandang lugar sa pinas!

Mervin said...

yeah, lagi ko nga sinasabi na kailngan ma-ikot ko muna at least half of the Philippines bago ko mag travel abroad... maganda ang Pilipinas... madaming lugar na pwedeng i-explore...

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