July 28, 2016

#GoFearless with your travel goals as PACSAFE opens first flagship store in the Philippines

Pacsafe Boutique Stores in Makati Philippines
Pacsafe Boutique Stores in Makati Philippines

Let's admit it, some parts of the world are inherently more perilous than others. As travelers, there are some places that we really want to go and visit even if there are things that makes as weary about our safety and security. Intrepid travelers just go out and let the innate adventurous nature in them unleashed. But, let me ask you, how should one address personal safety and security concerns while travelling? Can we really go fearless? I think we can, but in a certain level.

My Solution to Getting Flight Tickets For My Visa Applications Without Buying the Actual Ticket

My Secret Tip To Avoiding the Flight Booking Requirement For Visa Applications

If you are new to traveling, the title above probably won't mean much to you. If you have traveled for a while, on the other hand, you will definitely know what I'm talking about. It's the dreaded "Hey, you need a flight ticket to apply for this visa!"-requirement that comes with every visa application you will ever launch. If you belong to the first category and don't know what I'm talking about, though, I'll give you a run down:

July 26, 2016

MUST-WATCH: Balabac, Palawan (Drone Video)

Balabac Palawan Drone Video

One of our readers, Ayza Querejero shared to us their amazing adventure in Balabac, Palawan. "Balabac is located in Palawan and is dubbed as the "The Last of the Last Frontier". Going to and from the south-westernmost tip of Palawan was a bit tiring but definitely it was all worth it. Balabac is a paradise in its rawest state. Hope you can share our experience to all your readers and followers and encourage them to travel Philippines first." Ayza shares.

July 25, 2016

9 Exotic and Unusual Filipino Dishes to try in the Philippines

Must try Exotic Dishes in the Philippines

Are you tired of the usual Pinoy dishes you see in the Philippines? Why not try some unusual and exotic Filipino dishes? Aside from the common street food, here are some of my most-recommended unusual local delicacies that you must-try when traveling and dining around the Philippines. I bet, you've got to try some of these! You'll never know what you're missing if you haven’t tasted any of these exotic dishes from the Philippines!

July 20, 2016

Fall in Love with Amorita Resort in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

List of Top Best Hotels and Resorts in Panglao Island Bohol

Yes, summer is officially over, but as long as the sun is shining, there's always a destination we could visit all year round. One of them is the lovely province of Bohol in the Visayas! It is visited for its rich heritage, delectable food offerings, lovely islands and beaches and its endless list of things to do any time of the year. No doubt, Bohol is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines that is frequented by foreign and local travelers wanting to have an awesome and memorable vacation.

July 18, 2016

Southeast Asian Buffet at Café Belmont in Belmont Hotel Manila

Southeast Asian Dinner Buffet at Cafe Belmont Manila

Take your food trip adventure on a whole new level of satisfaction and deliciousness!

You don't need to fly out of the Philippines to satisfy your cravings for Southeast Asian Cuisines. The delectable flavors of Southeast Asia come to Café Belmont at Belmont Hotels and Resorts Manila this whole month of July (Extended until August 27, 2016). Full of rich and bold flavors, these specially-prepared dishes adapted to indigenous ingredients in the region and to the local palate are the highlights of Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Buffet.

July 15, 2016

BEACH RESORTS IN PANGLAO, BOHOL: Momo Beach House, "A Lovely Boutique Resort in Bohol"

Momo Beach House Resorts in Panglao Bohol

Momo Beach House is a chic beachfront resort in Panglao, Bohol. Being a boutique resort, the property is small in surface area, making it a breeze to get around to enjoy the different resort amenities and facilities and to experience the stunning beauty of Momo Beach House. Dotted with tall swaying coconut trees, well-manicured gardens and nature-inspired architecture, the resort will keep the feeling of being in the tropics at all times. When staying at Momo Beach House (Click here to check rates online), you'll certainly love the ease of having the beach, the swimming pool and the guest rooms just being so close together.

LIST: Flood-Prone Areas in Metro Manila to Avoid when Traveling during Rainy Season

List of Flood-Prone Areas in Metro Manila to Avoid when Traveling during Rainy Season

Traveling to or around Metro Manila could be really stressful. Aside from being stuck in Metro Manila's notorious and unbearable traffic, you also might get stranded because of flooded roads due to heavy rainfall during rainy season. The best thing to do when traveling to Metro Manila is to plan your trip ahead and to avoid the flooded streets.