Rodeo Festival 2017 Experience in Masbate City

Rodeo Festival Masbate City Philippines

I am sure that once in our lives when we were a little kid, we dreamed of becoming a cowboy or a cowgirl in the Wild West wearing stylish boots and cowboy hat. And yes, I am one of them! That is why, I am so happy and delighted when the City Government of Masbate City through its Mayor, Hon. Rowena Tuazon personally invited us to join them in celebrating Rodeo Festival 2017. Finally, my dream of wearing a cowboy costume would now be a reality!

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste

Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste Pinoy Adventurista

Personal hygiene, health and wellness are very important not just for every traveler but for everyone. That is why, I'm so happy to share to you this newest product from Dentiste' - the Nighttime Toothpaste.

Etihad Airways A380 goes double daily to Sydney

Etihad Airways A380 goes double daily to Sydney
Sydney Opera House

Etihad Airways today announced all 14 weekly flights on the popular Abu Dhabi – Sydney route will be operated with its flagship A380 aircraft, effective October 29.

The current daily A380 Sydney flights will be joined by a second daily superjumbo service, upgraded from a 328-seat Boeing 777-300ER. The announcement comes as Etihad Airways marks the 10th anniversary of flying to Sydney, its first Australian destination.

CONTEST: Win 5,000 AirAsia Big Points at The AirAsia BIG Points Quiz (Episode 3)

Air Asia Contest Episode 3 Red Talks with Daphne

And the winner for The AirAsia BIG Points Quiz (Episode 2) is Al Roque! You will be contacted by AirAsia on how to claim your prize!

Discover Jiuzhaigou, the Fairyland of Water

Discover Jiuzhaigou, the Fairyland of Water

Jiuzhaigou is one of the places that is still untouched by the hustles and bustles of China. Located in the edge of the Tibetan plateau it stretches over 72,000 hectares. Lying in the pinnacle between the northern Sichuan and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, its elevation ranges between 2,000m and 4,500m. Tourists have been fleeting to Jiuzhaigou since the Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park was opened for tourism in 1984. Jiuzhaigou means a land of nine villages constituting to the fact that there a nine villages in the valley. Only seven out of them is populated by people.

Why visiting Tibet shall be one of your bucket lists?

Top Things to do in Tibet

Travelling gives a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the world and you should always enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is rejuvenating and fulfilling for both the heart and the mind. Tibet has a mystical aura to it and travellers can feel the vibe, once they enter this region. Recently, explorers from all around the world have become extremely interested about travelling to this amazing place in China. Tibet is beautiful and mesmerizing. It reflects the stunning beauty of nature and is inhabited by warm and welcoming people. Fantasising about travelling to Tibet? Well, you are not alone. A relaxing vacation in Tibet can be wonderful and here we have noted down all the reasons that make this destination so appealing.