How to Find the Cheapest Flights

How to Find the Cheapest Flights

In the past, being able to travel was an opportunity presented only to a limited number of people. Nowadays, anyone has the capability to travel anywhere they please, as long as they have the budget necessary for it, as well as the proper documents to help them hop from one place to another. In order to help you maximize your travel budget, here are some amazing tips on how to find the cheapest flights.

Search for flights discreetly

It is a good practice to search for flights in a private browsing mode to be able to see the lowest prices possible. This is because there is a great chance for the prices of the flight to increase if it is repeatedly searched. More often than not, online airline sites use cookies to be able to analyze whether a certain flight route is being checked from time to time, prompting them to increase the price of the flight on the succeeding searches. Thus, to ensure that you are in incognito mode each time you search to be able to guarantee that you are looking at the cheapest airfare prices.

Compare flight prices using the best flight search engines

One flight search engine may provide you with the best deal that can truly be tempting. However, if you immediately fall for it, then you may miss your chance in booking an even cheaper flight. Thus, it is best to first take a look at cheap sites that provide you with a list of flights at the lowest prices. After which, do a meticulous comparison of each site before eventually booking with one that offers the best deal. Keep in mind that different flight search engines offer different deals and promotions, which can also affect the price of the flights they display, which is why it is best to compare sites first before booking.

Consider connecting flights

More often than not, direct flights are known to be cheaper than flights with layovers. However, there are instances wherein direct flights prove to be more expensive than connecting flights. This is especially true when the connecting flight is already considered as a domestic flight. For instance, instead of internationally flying directly to the main city of your destination, consider a cheaper international flight that will take you to another city of your destination country. After which, take a domestic flight in your destination country from the city you landed in the main city of your destination. While it can prove to be a little bit more exhausting than a direct flight, it can definitely save you lots of bucks.

Mix and match airlines

Apart from considering connecting flights, it is also a good practice to check the airfare of different airlines. If layovers are necessary, consider taking your initial flight from one airline and taking your succeeding flight from another airline. While booking both legs of your flight directly from a single airline may prove to be convenient, it will not be able to save you with some extra cash that you can use when you travel. Nevertheless, booking with different airlines will give you the flexibility of acquiring the lowest possible airfare prices when you fly out.

Check out the cheapest day to fly out

Oftentimes, it is cheaper to fly out on a weekday rather than flying out on a weekend. However, this is not always the case, but fortunately, booking sites now present travelers with a visual of the ticket prices for a whole month. Use this to your advantage to see what days offer the best prices for your travel route. Perhaps the only drawback of this is that checking out the cheapest day to fly out entails the need for you to be flexible with your travel dates.

Use your points and rewards

If you own a credit card, check whether you already have a sufficient point balance which you can convert or use for purchasing airline tickets. If you are a frequent flyer, it will be better to join the frequent flyer program of the airline you usually book because one perk of this program is providing their members with free flights once they accumulate a certain number of points. There are even rewards programs that give special deals and discounts to particular privileged members. Hence, it is best to always sign up for travel rewards because you may never know when you will be eligible to redeem your rewards.

Search for tickets in other currencies

Currencies and money value differ around the world. If your country has a relatively strong currency, try checking out airline ticket prices in other countries where their currency is comparably weaker. You may be able to find an airfare with half the price, simply by booking on another version of the airline site with another currency. While this may not always work a hundred percent of the time, it is still worthwhile to do a little verification beforehand.

Look for the sweet spot

Some people say that booking early will get you the best airfare deals because the closer you get to the departure date, the more expensive the ticket gets too. However, booking too early won’t also guarantee that you are able to secure the best ticket price. The sweet spot in booking has been usually around six to eight weeks before your departure date.

Sign up for newsletters

It only takes a while to sign up for airline newsletters and though your email may always be full, you are assured that you can keep an eye on the special deals. More often than not, airlines send promotional emails to those who signed up for their newsletters first before they broadcast flight sales on specific dates.

How to Find the Cheapest Flights

With several technological innovations in these modern times, travelling is no longer a privilege to only quite a handful of people. Rather, more and more people now have the ability to travel to far and wide destinations, even if it requires them to fly. This is because, in planning trips, everything can now be arranged online, making the entire process seamless and convenient.


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