Reasons why UK Walking Holidays are so popular

Reasons why UK Walking Holidays are so popular

United Kingdom is a land of green landscapes and gorgeous vast terrains. It has inspired painters and poets alike with its mesmerizing beauty.

Seasonal changes bring with them a whole palette of colors within the wild natural beauty of England. If you are one of those who simply love walking and being out in nature, well, why not take a walking holiday tour in the UK?

Explore the history and nature of the UK with are like-minded companions. Nothing could be more fun and enjoyable than going on a walking holiday in the UK in a new location with your friends.  Here are some excellent reasons why people love to go to England for a walking holiday.

Dramatic landscapes and varied terrains

The UK boasts of several peaceful regions with accessible landscapes where one can head for an enjoyable walk in any direction. You can wander through fine inns and should never face the issue of lodging and food. Walk along the coast and climb up the cliffs, and rocks pass through UNESCO sites. The wide and varied topography with farmland, rivers, and fells is sure to amaze you.

Many great walking trails

The UK is full of several great walking trails, including the popular South Downs Way walk, Camino de Santiago route, and South West Coastal Path in England. Whatever your interests, you can plan a perfect walking holiday in the most beautiful landscapes in Britain. You can walk on the Number One Trail in England or follow the footsteps of Wordsworth in the English Lake District.

Reasons why UK Walking Holidays are so popular

Guided walks

One can pick from a range of well-planned itineraries based on their fitness levels and experiences. There is a walking holiday available for you in England that is just perfect for you. You can decide to walk every single day or make a halt whenever you want to. Look forward to a stress-free hiking experience because of the carefully planned itineraries amongst the most beautiful landscapes. Your accommodation, meals, and luggage transfers are all taken care of.

Keeping fit

When you go on those long interesting walks within nature, you not only feel rejuvenated, bit also come back a lot fitter. Thus, you can enjoy hearty meals without worrying about those calories piling on. All you need to do is find a trail that fits your levels of difficulty and enter a hiking paradise. Some of those hiking trails in the UK can be hundreds of kilometers long and are broken up into sections. You can complete the whole trail or do one of the sections.

Walk any time of the year

Whatever the season, there is a walking holiday in the UK to suit you as there are plenty of spring and summer options in the country. Head for Scotland to explore the beauty and challenge of winter walking. The period between March and June is the driest season for walking. Although snow can fall in some areas anytime between November and March, there are still many beautiful areas that you can discover on foot.

Adventurous walks

UK walking holidays mean enjoying the most captivating scenery and wild landscapes. There are plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and national parks that are part of those walking trails. It means that this is your chance to discover the natural beauty and history of this diverse land. There are ancient castles and delightful villages, as well as some widely recognized landmarks on those trails that only add to the adventure.

Access to the countryside

A walking holiday in the UK means getting easy access to its beautiful countryside. The wide range of walks in England, Scotland and Wales, go through the countryside and across the rivers and lakes. Thus, one can pick the trail based on the countryside they wish to explore and see.

Wide and varied trails

The walking routes cater to all levels and kinds of walkers. They can opt for the easy circular walks or go one of those challenging mountain hikes. It is easy to download the routes and their coverage. Some of the most popular footpaths include Circular walks along the Pennine Way and the South West Coast paths.

Walking on the hills

Many prefer the UK for their walking holidays because they can enjoy hillwalking or fellwalking here. They can climb a summit and reach at the top for a fulfilling experience. It is undoubtedly not mountaineering. Hillwalking is popular in Lancashire, Lake District, Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons, and the Yorkshire. However, the difficult terrain and unpredictable weather conditions can make hillwalking a bit challenging in many areas.

One day hike

The UK also offers a single day hike, right from Celtic crags, Scottish volcanos to Yorkshire peaks. There is plenty of choice for those stepping foot outside and enjoying those adventure trails that can be completed in just one day! Popular options include Ben Macdui in Cairngorms National Park. Old Harry Rocks in Isle of Purbeck, Yorkshire Three Peaks in Pennine Range, and many more.

Reasons why UK Walking Holidays are so popular

Most Epic hikes

Explore the untouched corners of Britain as you embark on one of those long-distance epic hikes. The Skye Trail, Scotland, is a 79-mile trail that takes you along the Trotternish Ridge. Go on a six-day hike along South West Coast Path, England that takes you through cliffs, beaches, and coves. Complete Pembrokeshire Coast Path trail, which is a stunning two-week route. Take the challenging multi-day walking tour of Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland.

Several organizations

The UK government agencies are active as organizations that can provide information for those who are interested in taking a walking holiday in the UK. There are volunteers who organize group-led walks all across Britain. There are members, non-members, and guests who come together to enjoy those walks.
Here are some other good reasons why one should take a walking holiday.

  • Walk with your family and friends and spend quality time together, walking, talking, and catching up with each other.
  • See new places and get closer to nature and wildlife. You also get to meet local people and understand their culture.
  • When you are away from the hustle and bustle of city life and walking amidst nature, you enjoy the blissful experience and feel stress-free.

Do not forget to wear the right walking shoes or boots and it is always a good idea to take a spare pair. Take good care of your feet and rest them whenever you can. Put tapes on pressure points and treat blister before they get worse.

You are sure to fall in love with the beautiful scenery and natural beauty of some of the most arresting landscapes on earth. It is no wonder the UK remains the top choice among those who love walking holidays.

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