Phoenix Airport Guide - How beneficial is airport parking?

Phoenix Airport Guide - How beneficial is airport parking?

Phoenix sky harbour international airport is one of the largest commercial airports of United States and also the largest and the busiest airport of Arizona. Located 4.8 km south east of downtown Phoenix, in Arizona, this is a civil-military public airport. The airport gives way to several parking options for regular and frequent travelers who wish to leave their cars at the airport.

Depending upon your requirements of getting a parking lot you can choose between an array of on-site and off-site parking lots. Phoenix airport gives a wide range of options to choose from 7 on-site parking lots. Parking at the airport comes at a cost but with more convenience and security. For those who wish to pick for a low budget for parking – can head on for more offsite options. This guide will walk you through the benefits of airport parking and wide options of affordable parking lots at Phoenix sky harbour international airport.

How is airport parking beneficial?

Choosing airport parking may rob in a lot of benefits, such as –
  1. No longer waiting for any shuttle especially during the peak hours. This way you can head for the airport at your desired time.
  2. No risks of missing check-ins - with your car you can drive at your own speed and park your car at your desired parking spot.
  3. Also,you can get back home easily if you have missed out something very urgent. It’s obvious to slip out something if you have a pre-plane panic.
  4. Secure airport parking also brings vehicular peace of mind where you can pop your car into safe hands and head on for your trip miles away.
  5. With reasonable Sky harbor airport parking rates, parking your own carcan save you a lot more than hiring a shuttle ride. Paying for a ride can be extremely expensive especially during the rush hours, and can be too risky at the peak night hours.
  6. And the convenience of traveling in one’s own car can’t be beaten compared to a public vehicle ride.

So, now that you are convinced with the perks of choosing an airport parking, let’s throw light on the different parking options at the PHX airport.

Parking at PHX Airport for long term

PHX airport gives you around 6 long term parking options, to choose from – Terminal 2 Economy parking (here you can get both covered and uncovered parking option), east economy garages A & B, and East Economy uncovered lot and West Economy Park & Walk option. Most of these airport long term parking lots can be found near Terminal 2 while East Economy Parking Lot is located past terminal 4.

Parking at PHX Airport for short term

PHX also has a short-term parking lot with hourly fees ranging from $4 to $25, just as you get while using LAX parking. Airport short term parking options are more feasible if you need to park your car for just few hours or for a day or two. If that extra dollar is your problem you can choose among the off-site parking options too.

Easy reservations for airport parking

With a number of apps and website available like way.com you can easily go for airport parking reservations option. You can choose among numerous deals and discounts that are offered on the website and reserve your desired spot with just few clicks at a cost-effective price. Online reservation also gives options to know the exact location where your car is parked and at what condition. This way you can avoid fretting over finding your car through the several rows.

Spare your pocket and also your time on booking a ride for yourself and get a car parking spot booked through way.com.

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