The African destinations you need to visit

The African destinations you need to visit

Africa is an incredible continent; the second largest and most populous in the world, it is home to stunning views, delicious food, incredible animals and amazing people. It offers a wealth of things to see, do, and experience. I’ve written before about trekking holiday destinations in Africa, but here is a broader post on the African destinations you definitely need to visit.


Kenya is a must-visit place, whether you are travelling as a family, a couple, or even on your own. The grassland is vast and if you embark on a safari you might be lucky enough to see wildebeest, antelope, leopards, and flamingos to just name a few! If you time it right, you might also catch the end of the Great Migration, where over 1.4 million wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle travel from the Serengeti of Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya – it really is a sight to behold.

Spend some time relaxing and letting your hair down on the stunning white-sand beaches, and soak up some culture by learning from the local Maasai people.

The African destinations you need to visit


Known as the ‘land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda also has the Volcanoes National Park, which is home to nine volcanoes – six of which are active – plus a whole host of mountain gorillas. Their biggest export is tea and coffee, so be sure to taste the local wares after a long walk enjoying the stunning views – you’ll certainly need it!


Tanzania has a fantastically diverse range of animals, including over 1100 bird species. The Selous Game reserve, which is the largest in the world, boasts over 120,000 elephants, 2,000 rhinos and the greatest concentration in Africa of hippos and wild dogs.

If you’re a fan of climbing, Kilimanjaro is an incredible experience that only 50% of trekkers actually complete. Are you up for the challenge?

For a little relaxation and luxury, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for a little opulence. Those white-sanded beaches really are some of the best in the world.

Reunion Island

A gem hidden in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island has plenty of trails that boast stunning natural views, as well as beaches on which to relax, and rivers and lakes for water sports and activities. There’s a real mix of cultures on the island, from Creole to French and Indian to Chinese. As well as, of course, African, which makes for a smorgasbord of food, culture, and activities.

The African destinations you need to visit


Morocco offers a great mix of delicious cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and inspiring culture. For walkers, the treks offered by the Rif Mountains, High Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas Mountains each provide a different experience.

Marrakesh is a fantastic place to visit if you want to explore palaces, mosques, and museums, but don’t forget to pop into the markets too! For a treat after lots of sightseeing, head to a Hammam - a public steam bath.

There are so many amazing places in Africa, I could go on and on, but here are just a few that you need to put on your bucket list! Whether you want to climb a mountain, see wild animals or just eat some delicious food, Africa is the place to be.

What do you think? Where would you go in Africa if you had the chance? Let me know in the comments!

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