Boosting my Physical and Mental Energy with Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule

Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule

Fatigue and a lack of energy are a big problem for many people, including me. I must admit that I'm not getting any younger. At 38 years old, I easily get tired and occasionally experience fatigue and short-term memory loss. Memory slips are frustrating, and sometimes worrisome. That is why, I am so happy that I got to try this new product called Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule, which help me get back those lost energy.

Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule is the newest product from Vida Nutriscience which also brought us other health products such as Snow Caps L-Glutathaione, My Slim Yerba Mate Drinks and Capsule, and Snow Crystal White Tomato Food Supplement. Spike is FDA approved and is scientifically proven to enhance overall mental fitness and support cognitive performance in stressful situations. It is made from a natural wild green oat variety grown in Europe.

Its main ingredients are 400mg Nueravena® which is a green oat extract sourced from a unique strain of Avena Sativa L. known for its positive effect on cognitive makers. It is clinically proven to improve memory functions, concentration, mental alertness, cognitive functions under pressure, working memory and speed of performance. It also has 100mg Magnesium Lactate which helps regulate levels of minerals and other important nutrients in the body, Alpha Size (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) which is the most effective brain nutrient, Bioperine which helps improve nutrient absorption process, and also has B Vitamins (Vitamin B3, B6, B9 & B12) that are crucial for proper brain functions.

Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule

Suggested dosage is one tablet after every meal or you can take 2 capsules on days that requires mental alertness and cognitive functions. But for me, I take one capsule after breakfast and lunch to boost my energy on a regular day. On stressful days or when I am traveling, I take two capsules after breakfast and after lunch or 6 hours after I had my breakfast. It's like a power booster that keeps my energy and mental alertness level high even on a long and tiring day of walking, being exposed to the sun, sweating, and doing a lot of activities during my travels. Since I tried it, I always have it on my backpack whenever I travel.

Are there bad effects? I didn't feel any. But as a caution, if you want to sleep early at night, don't take it after 6:00 PM. That is why I only take it twice a day - in the morning and in the afternoon.

Please note that Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule is for adults use only and is not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers. You can buy it in leading drugstores nationwide and it comes in packs of 30 capsules for 990 pesos per pack or 33 pesos per capsule.

Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule

Traveling is not always fun. Sometimes, you also feel tired with so many things you want or you need to do during your travels. Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule definitely helped me in boosting my physical and mental energy in time I needed it most. I'm glad I tried it.

For more information and updates about Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram @spikebrainbooster.

Disclosure: Vida Nutriscience sent samples of Spike Dietary Supplement Capsule for me to try. All views and opinions are based on my personal experience of the product and were not influenced by the brand.


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