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If you've been following this blog, you probably know that it all started with a challenge of visiting all the 81 provinces in the Philippines, which I completed way back in 2013. A year after, I started traveling abroad. My first travel outside the country was in Hanoi, Vietnam and followed by other countries in Southeast Asia and some countries in East Asia. Just recently, I finished visiting all the 10 countries in Southeast Asia.

I still cannot say that I am an expert when it comes to traveling abroad. I've only been to a few countries compared to others who have been to many parts of the world. But with my travels abroad, I learned a lot - especially in preparing for my trip. With this, let me share to you some basic tips on how to prepare when traveling abroad.

1. Prepare your travel documents

Before traveling, always make sure to check that your passport and visa are valid. Rule of thumb for most Filipinos is that your passport should be valid for more than 6 months during your travel. If visa is required, make sure that you have a visa and it is valid on the entire duration of your trip. Also, take note of the length of stay allowed for you and check it against your flight tickets.

2. Plan and Research

Doing your homework before any trip really pays off. It saves you a lot of time and also helps you avoid any misadventures during your trip. Knowing how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, and knowing the basic do's and don'ts in a certain country I'm visiting is an important part of my travel planning. This gives me the confidence that even if it's my first time in the place I'm traveling to, I can manage to pull it through and enjoy my trip.

3. Pre-book your hotel, transportation, and tours

Having your hotel accommodation, transportation, and tours pre-booked will certainly make your travel less stressful. After a long flight, most of us would just want to have a good rest in a nice hotel with a comfy bed. Well, who doesn't want that? And if you've already pre-booked your hotel, it makes your trip more convenient because you will not need to worry about finding where to stay upon arriving in your destination. This also goes with pre-booking your transportation, tours, and activities. Upon arrival in a new country, you're disoriented and vulnerable to all sorts of errors and bad choices. Having pre-booked transportation and tour, gives you the ease and convenience of not worrying on how to get to a certain tourist spot you've been wanting to visit, or if you might be a victim of tour scammers and tourist traps. One best example is getting out of the airport and getting to your hotel. Would you take the taxi, the shuttle bus or take the train? Knowing the best way to get out of the airport without being ripped-off is a good way to start your adventure.

The best thing about buying or booking in advance, you'll get the convenience of safe and secured travel, skipping the lines in popular attractions, get discounts and online deals, among many others. Take advantage of many websites such as ShopBack that offers coupon codes, discount vouchers, promos, and online deals. This has been my "tried and tested" way on saving a lot on travel expenses.

4. Layout your itinerary

Having a set itinerary will give you a rough guide on how your trip will be. Whenever I travel, I always have a rough itinerary where I list the activities I want to do and the tourist spots and attractions I want to visit. Having an itinerary helps me a lot not get lost with what I want to do or with where I want to go during my travels.

5. Prepare for your expenses

By researching and having a set itinerary, it will help you estimate the possible expenses of your trip. This way, you will know how much money you should bring for your travel abroad. Also, make sure that your credit card (if you have) will work in the country you're visiting by calling your bank before traveling. It's also good if you will inform your bank that you will be using your ATM Card abroad so your account will not be locked out. Sometimes banks think that fraud may be happening if your account suddenly has been accessed abroad. So, it's better if you inform your bank that you'll be using it in your travels to avoid any inconvenience.

These are what I always do before I travel abroad. Although, I don't always use my credit card abroad, it's also good to activate it in case I'll need to use it.

6. Prepare a checklist

When I'm preparing for a trip, I always have a checklist of the things I need to bring, documents I should have, and all the things I have to prepare for the trip. This way, I won't miss any of the important things I should have before I leave the house and embark on a new adventure.

7. Be physically and mentally prepared

Many people don't even think about preparing themselves mentally and physically for their trip. But above anything else, being physically and mentally prepared for any trip is very important. To help maximize your experience while traveling, physical and mental preparations are key aspects in preparing for the trip. In every travel, you need to be strong mentally and emotionally, have a positive attitude and be able to think in the moment. Most of all, be open-minded and enjoy every moment of your trip.

Overall, always remember that a well-planned trip is less stressful and definitely more enjoyable. Be sure to plan your trip ahead, and have a memorable and stress-free adventure. If you’re looking for deals and promos for your travel abroad in the coming months, I recommend that you check out the upcoming ShopBack’s ShopFest, happening this ber-months. It is dubbed as ”The Biggest Shopping Festival of 2018,” where you could score awesome travel deals, best discounts and promos on popular online brands. This grand online shopping festival will showcase different brands and will give you a better and smarter way of shopping online. Don’t miss it!

How about you? What are your tips when preparing for your travels abroad?


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