Tips for Launching a Successful Freelance Business

Tips for Launching a Successful Freelance Business

There are approximately 15 million self employed people in the United States. On top of that, there are about 30 million individuals who work for a self employed person. The trend towards self employment and freelancing is expected to continue upward into the foreseeable future.

If you've made the decision to become a freelancer, there are some strategies that you need to consider employing when launching your business. These tips can assist you on building a successful career as a freelancer.

Create a Comprehensive Business Plan

If you make the decision to become a freelancer, you need fully to understand that you are embarking on the course akin to starting a new business. In fact, that is precisely what you are doing.

As a result, you need to create a finely tuned, comprehensive business plan. The business plan needs to include all components typically found in this type of roadmap developed for any kind of new venture. Your business plan to launch yourself as some type of freelancer needs to include a detailed budget, a strategy leading up to the full launch of your freelance venture (including milestones), and a delineation of the specific service you will provide.

Implement a Marketing Plan

Don't fall into what might best be called the "Field of Dreams" trap as when you embark on a career as a freelancer. By that is meant do not apply the often repeated adage from the film Field of Dreams of "if you build it they will come." The mere fact that you put out your "shingle" as a freelancer does not mean that clients will start lining up at your door, or with requests for assistance in you email inbox.

If you are committed to launching a successful career as a freelancer, and that certainly must be your goal, you need to take marketing seriously. You must develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes how you will incorporate social media into this effort.

Whether it be on social media, or elsewhere, you also need to consider how you may make use of paid advertising and promotion to market your freelance services. You need to consider budgeting money for marketing into your initial business plan. You must not consider paying for advertising or marketing as some sort of unnecessary expenditure in starting a freelance business. Sadly, that is a mistake more than a few people who launched freelance ventures that failed once thought.

Develop and Follow a Set Work Schedule

Time and again, people who make the decision to become a freelancer make the comment that they will have more time to enjoy life. There is truth to the fact that a freelancer has a greater degree of control over a schedule, but that flexibility is not endless.

Successful freelancers nearly always have one thing in common when it comes to their work schedules. They have one.

An ideal way of scheduling your work time as a freelancer is to do so on weekly basis. This nearly always proves to be an ideal combination between flexibility and structure.

Maintain a Consistent Workspace

Another recurring mantra associated with someone contemplating becoming a freelancer is that he or she will be able to work from anywhere. There is some degree of truth to that. Nonetheless, research demonstrates that when a freelancer has a more consistent workspace or work environment, whatever that may happen to be, he or she is more productive than a person who lacks that home base.

Maintaining a consistent workplace may mean establishing a well-defined home office. The home office not only gives a freelancer a specific work space, but it provides a boundary for others in the residence. When you are in your home office, others in your residence understand that you are at work and not to be bothered.

Network with Other Freelancers

Finally, if you decide to become a freelancer, keep in mind that you do not need to go it alone. You live in a world in which innumerable men and women around you are freelancers.

You well served if you endeavor to connect with, to network with, other freelancers. Keep in mind that this does not need to be professionals working in the same arena as you do. Rather, you should consider connecting with freelancers who work in a wide array of arenas. Despite the differences in services provided, you will find that you have a significant amount in common with other men and women who are working as freelancers in this day and age.

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