Why private jet chartering will become more popular for innovating businesses

Why private jet chartering will become more popular for innovating businesses

Private Jets Make Good Business Sense

The world of private jet chartering has seen the arrival of several disruptors over the last few years, companies that have come along and shook the industry up a little and now, more than ever, it makes sense for innovative businesses to use them.

Seen by many as the transport of only a handful of elite business people, high net worth individuals or the rich and famous, new private jet brokers such as Victor> have played a pivotal role in opening up the industry to new customers.

The new breed of private jet users know what many others do not – they know that it can make good business sense to fly privately.

You’re Grounded

Using a private jet means spending less time on the ground, standing in line at major airports can be avoided and therefore less time is wasted. Private jets tend to fly out of smaller airports where there are less people and can, depending on where you live or work, be easier to get to.

Balancing Time and Money

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that flying on a chartered private jet is a much quicker way to get to where you need to go and there are several reasons for this.

First, private jets don’t need to follow the spoke-hub models (think of these as sky maps), that are used by airlines. Private jets, generally speaking climb faster and travel at higher altitudes than airliners and so have far less traffic to deal with.

Because they fly at higher altitudes and, therefore don’t have to compete for airspace, they have more flexibility in terms of using winds and avoiding storms – this makes them quicker.

Privacy and Comfort

Once aboard a private jet, there are more benefits to measure. They are more comfortable, particularly for those who are tall – leg room on airline flights is often an issue.

Then there is the issue of privacy, having a business meeting or trying to work on a flight populated by the masses can be awkward to say the least. With a private jet there are no distractions and so you are free to get on and do what you need to – prepare for a meeting, catch up on correspondence or prepare a presentation for example.

Ultimately, chartering a private jet is a bespoke service that lets you tailor the service to suit your needs and that is something that makes real business sense.

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