HEALTH AND WELLNESS: What Filipinos need to know about Glutathione?

Health Benefits of Glutathione

As a traveler who are always on the road, I am exposed to so many viruses and bacteria that are present in the environment. I am also prone to getting sick and common illnesses due to lack of sleep and fatigue whenever I travel. That is why, I make sure that I boost my immune system by taking vitamins and food supplements that would help me protect myself from common illnesses.

In a recent event held at Hotel Jen Manila, Vida Nutriscience and Japan's Kohjin Life Sciences helped us understand "What Filipinos need to know about Glutathione."

Health Benefits of Glutathione

There have been many rumors circulating that the use of Glutathione may cause gastrointestinal pain, skin allergies, and other negative effects to the body. It alarmed many people who are skeptical in using Glutathione because of these rumored side effects.

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Last week's conference at Hotel Jen Manila was an eye opener for me as some of the speakers reveled to us some of the unknown health benefits of Glutathione. Some studies about Glutathione were presented by Kohjin Life Sciences members - Mr. Yusuke Sauchi, Ms. Hotomi Ito and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Wataru Aoi which helped us understand more about the health benefits of taking Glutatione.

Glutathione has been found to be an effective immunity booster against deadly diseases such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and even cardiac arrest. More to that, it has also been found to help us keep in shape by improving lipid metabolism (fat burning), improves skin complexion, prevents ageing, improves male fertility by providing needed nutrients for the sperm, among many other health benefits.

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With all these relevant health benefits about Glutathione use that are unknown to many Filipinos, Vida Nutriscience and Kohjin Life Sciences promises to raise more awareness, further the common knowledge and break myths about Glutathione use.

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Travelers may tend to abuse their bodies by eating unhealthy food, staying up late and doing a lot of strenuous and adventurous activities during their travels. This affects our immune system and makes us more prone to common illnesses.

What should we do? By raising antioxidant L-glutathione levels in our body, it promotes better immune system which enhances our body's ability to fight common illnesses and infections. Taking vitamins and food supplements also improves our body's immune system that will surely help us stay fit and healthy during travels.

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