4 Luxury Skiing and Snowboarding Resorts in Europe

If you like getting your adrenaline rush through skiing, are an enthusiast or are a beginner who thoroughly enjoys skiing and snowboarding, then it will interest you to know that there are some truly top notch, luxury ski resorts in Europe. Either way, if you’re thinking about hitting the slopes and looking forward to seeing the ice whizz by as you ski downwards, the following resorts will definitely make your dreams come true.

Chamonix in France

Skiing in this picturesque town only needs to be experienced to believe it. The town offers some of the most challenging ski slopes –no thanks to their steepness- in Europe. With 5 slopes, all slopes lead down into the valley. Some of the slopes are as long as 10,000 ft. While this won’t be easy, you can choose easier slopes with the advice and expertise of one of the many guides that are readily available to help you. One more thing, be sure to consult them before choosing any slope as doing so without the appropriate experience can get you into a lot of trouble.

Morzine in France

Boasting of an amazing array of activities, this town offers many skiers excellent skiing choices and variety. As an all year round ski resort, it attracts skiers from all over the place. With multiple ski slopes –all of which are best suited for different skill levels- all ski enthusiasts can have a blast in this town. And for those who prefer other outdoor activities like waling, hiking, rock climbing, Morzine offers all these during the summer. After a hard day’s run on the slopes, you can always retire to one of the available and beautiful >Morzine ski chalets.

Murren in Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps and accessible by cable car and train, Murren is a skier’s heaven. This is in no small part as a result of its close proximity to the alps and the abundance of ice. Enjoy your stay in one of the luxury resorts, visit the local pubs, and generally have a great time whilst there. The beauty of Murren particularly in the winter is quite spectacular and picturesque. While the skiing slopes may not be that long at 40km, it is complemented by the extensive backcountry. So visitors can enjoy the beauty and serenity of the vistas and sights.

Alagna in Italy

If you prefer free riding, then this is the right resort for you to check out. Located in Italy and with just three ski areas of about 140km, this resort isn’t readily accessible by car. The slopes are quite challenging and tough for even advanced skiers. There’s really nothing to do here other than just skiing. So, be sure to go there in proper shape and to just focus on skiing. If you’re one to seek night life activities and entertainment, there’s pretty much none except for the gathering of the ski guides at the local watering hole and cafĂ©. That’s pretty much it.

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Photo Credit: Duncan McGoldrick from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Aiguille_du_Dru_3.jpg | Wikimedia Commons


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