Holiday Packing and Preparation

Packing tends to be part about going on a holiday that most of us dread, especially when travelling for longer than a few weeks, just where do you start? The key to success when it comes to packing is the planning however it’s not all work and no play, the pre-holiday preparation can be a great excuse to shop the new summer designer collections, especially those which are currently available in Boudi London.

As fun as shopping for new clothes can be you also need to remember to pick up some of the less exciting essentials such as sun protection, toiletries, insect repellent and so on. The most effective way of ensuring you have everything you need is by creating a to do list, with a separate list for your hand luggage including the important passport and flight tickets! A 2 pin plug will be an essential for your electrical items such as your phone charger if you are heading to Europe yet this is so often forgotten about! If you plan on using your phone abroad which most of us will do, check the data roaming charges before you go, especially when it comes to 3G and internet access. Another important essential is of course the currency of the destination you are heading to and changing this at the right bureaux can easily pay off so compare the rates and keep an eye on any fluctuations in the run up to your holiday.

One of the most important tips when packing for travelling or a holiday is to check your baggage allowance, this varies across the airlines but tends to be around 20kg. Knowing your allowance will then help you pack appropriately and ensure you don’t go too overboard with the heavier items which could take you over your baggage limit such as men’s designer jeans, with the warmer temperatures and dress codes in place at many of the hotel restaurants chances are you could get away with just the single pair of jeans. Instead, go with shorts and trousers made from lightweight material. If you are travelling for a longer period and likely to be doing laundry as you go then avoid denim altogether and go for quick drying cottons!

Finally, when you have finished packing check the weight of your suitcase before you get to the airport and remember to leave some room for any holiday shopping you may do whilst you’re away. You don’t want to pick up bargains only to be charged with an excess baggage charge on the flight home!

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