Rizal - Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves, San Mateo Rizal - November 13-14 2010

The much awaited overnight swimming of the "Sosyal Klaymers". Held at Ciudad Christhia Resort's 9 Waves in San Mateo Rizal.

With me are my friends Alex, Marissa, Mitch, Joan, Philip, Ricky and Dom.

Pinoy Adventurista's Comments:

Very Good!!!
-Very nice place, very well maintained surroundings.
-Swimming pools are clean, with a wide variety of pools for kids and adults plus a very nice jacuzzi.
-Life guards are visible everywhere and ready to assist the guests.
-Common toilet and shower rooms are clean and well maintained.

Very Bad!!!
-Customer service is bad, they have the worst front desk staff I ever encountered.
-Cabanas are so expensive vis-a-vis it's size and quality. A cabana supposedly good for 6 persons costs Php 5,350; it's too small that we can barely move inside and the toilet is poorly maintained.
-There's a fee for extra person (Php 650/person), but they will not provide an extra bed. Is that fair?
-The wave pool's waves are not continues. It only lasts for a few minutes then resumes few minutes later.
-Overnight swimming is from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am only; Daytime swimming is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm only.
-Poor security, you can actually get in without paying for your fees.
-No telephone line in the cabanas; if you need something, you have to go out of your room and walk for about 200 meters to the front desk and ask for assistance.
-If you lost your tickets to the pool area, they will not provide you any replacement and you will not be allowed to enter the pool area.

I do not recommend this resort at all, but if you still wants to go there and experience the same, here are their contact numbers: (63 2) 997-9999, 997-5946, 997-6009, 297-1111


From Quezon Memorial Circle, take Northeast via Commonwealth Ave., passby Ever Commonwealth Dept. Store. Then, turn right before Sandiganbayan, turn right again to Batasan-San Mateo Bridge. Cross the bridge then turn left to San Mateo proper. Upon arrival at Mercury Drugstore turn left to Carrieland Country Homes.

From Cubao, take Aurora Blvd. all the way to Barangka Marikina then turn left after Marikina bridge to J.P. Rizal. Drive straight until you reach San Mateo Rizal, then turn left to Carrieland Country Homes (across Mercury Drug).

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  1. fee for extra person pero walang kama? baka tayo na lang matulog un. bad trip ah. hehehehe

  2. Aww matutuwa pa sana ako sa 9 waves na ito kaso buti binasa ko yung VERY BAD! And it's just what you would expect sa mga resorts, bad service, unaffected ang mga staff, unfair sa bayad...

  3. Unfair naman yong 650php ang binayad mo tapos walang extra bed. Saan matutulog? sa sahig? Tsk!

  4. oki naman yung 9 waves ha,, maganda naman yung place... di nga lang talaga maganda pang-overnight :D

  5. Pangit nga ang resort with bad service.
    Hope nag-enjoy pa din kayo kahit madaming bad side ang pinuntahan ninyo.

  6. yeah maganda pa din dyan..khit sabi nga iba pangit...siguro mga 2 years ago na ng pumunta kmi jan tpos hindi na kmi bumalik...at ala n kaming planong bumalik... ahahaha...^_^

  7. minsan masarap yung hcillax lang no? kapagod din magtravel.. hihi

  8. @Bino-naku, sinabi mo pa! tama ba naman yun?

    @Glentot-mag skip read ka sana noh??? hahaha!!! unfair talaga sila... madudugas... hahaha!!!

    @Empi-korek!!! sila kaya pagbayarin ko ng 650 tapos sa sahig sila matulog... hahaha!!!

    @Axl-maganda naman talaga yung place, kaso very bad customer service...

    @Herbie-yun na nga lang ginawa namin, in-enjoy namin ang swimming... heheh!!!

    @SG-oh diba? di cya kabalik-balik... =D

    @Chyng-yup, swim swim lang... hehehe...

    Thanks po sa inyong lahat...

  9. @mervz.. whaha oki naman... yun eh.

    OT.... di ka pa nag comment sa MOA 1st part ko hehe :D

  10. hehe ganda ng place! ^^, sama ako sana kahit sa lapag nalang ako matulog kuya mervz..payag na ako,,, wish ko makasa sa adventure ^^


  11. pano pumunta dyan ng commute lang galing sandiganbayan? thank you po

  12. I saw the comments of the web owner/webmaster of this site regarding to 9 waves resort and I can say it's really horrible from a customer experience.

    I quoted this comment from the site owner "A cabana supposedly good for 6 persons costs Php 5,350; it's too small that we can barely move inside and the toilet is poorly maintained." It's really expensive for a narrow room.

    What they are thinking is just to earn much bigger profit but they don't even know that they are losing customers.

    and also quoted by the web onwer "Overnight swimming is from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am only; Daytime swimming is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm only." - This is really ridiculous!! Much better if they are going to make he night swmming from 6:00pm to 9am so the customers will have a chance to have fun ang enouht sleep.


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